Dell Cloud Service for SharePoint

Dell Cloud Service for SharePoint

Microsoft® SharePoint is the business collaboration platform that enables you to connect and empower people to make informed decisions through the sharing of data, reports and analysis.

Dell Cloud Service for SharePoint offers Dedicated SharePoint 2013 as a fully managed service hosted on the Dell Cloud through a standard services contract with monthly billing. It also includes the highest level of Dell support with the following key features:

  • 24x7x365 support with technical specialists
  • Proactive Maintenance with scheduled patch management
  • Storage threshold monitoring and alerts

About Dell Cloud

Common cloud infrastructures lack the inherent security required by enterprises, leaving them vulnerable. Dell Cloud offers a complete framework with multiple layers of virtual and physical security; it also includes a comprehensive framework for securing networks, applications, data and endpoints in highly secured Dell datacenters. Dell has experience building private clouds for its customers is uniquely positioned to deliver an end-to-end cloud solutions.

Dell’s cloud offerings provide an evolutionary IT model unifying private and public resources through hybrid cloud, with the management, functionality and security needed for large, enterprise environments.

Experience the agility and power of SharePoint

Boost your productivity, reduce operational complexity and achieve rapid deployment with Dell Cloud Service for SharePoint. Use it as a document management system, a development platform, a data repository site, as a reporting portal, and/or as an intranet site to collaborate with multiple external and internal websites; the possibilities are endless.

Dell Cloud Service for SharePoint provides you with Microsoft® Dedicated SharePoint 2013 which allows you to experience the full capabilities of the most powerful enterprise collaboration software without having to acquire, standup and maintain the required infrastructure.

Key Benefits

  • Enhanced productivity by providing an easy to use collaboration and document management solution
  • Reduction in Cap-ex and Op-ex expenses by not buying, building and maintaining the required infrastructure
  • Build the solution in a “test” environment then easily move into production for use by your customers
  • Better utilization of IT personnel. Rather than spend much of their time in the mundane tasks of caring and feeding for SharePoint 2013 and its associated infrastructure, IT personnel can spend more of their time dealing with more strategic activities

Key Features

  • Installation, configuration and 24 x 7 x 365 support
  • Monitoring and notification for storage threshold alerts
  • OS and application patch administration and maintenance
  • Backup and restoration of SharePoint environment
  • Network, firewall & security monitoring and maintenance
  • Active Directory integration via ADFS with domain controller residing in the cloud

Why Dell Cloud Service for SharePoint?

Dell Cloud Service for SharePoint has low barriers to entry for quick deployment and access. Some of the compelling business drivers to deploy it include:

  • Social Media has become a company strategy. SharePoint 2013 introduces numerous new or improved social media functions that make it easier for people to work together and collaborate internally and externally
  • Increased requirements to publish and distribute in multiple formats (intranet, extranet, internet, mobile, tablet)
  • Get SharePoint 2013 up quickly to address business critical needs
  • Quick end user adoption (tighter integration with Microsoft Office) and usability improvements
  • Improved search and business intelligence for local and in the cloud data
  • Offload management and administration of the SharePoint environment
  • Shift resources from Cap-ex to Op-ex

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